Being Thankful

Photo by Howie R on Unsplash

Thankyou ~ Merci ~ Danke ~ shukran ~ efharisto ~ toda  ~  sukria ~ terima kasih ~ grazie ~ arigato ~ kamsa hamnida ~ asante 

These are just a very few of the very many ways to say thank-you around the world. 

We use these words to express our gratitude but there are many ways to express our gratitude with out words too. Sometimes it can be reciprocating a kind action, or simply giving a hug, or paying forward a kindness to the next person. Often our gratitude can be unseen but being sure to express our gratitude and show our appreciation is one of the best ways to connect. 

Adding a gratitude practice to our daily habits is something that will help us stay in the mindset of gratitude. It helps us focus outside of ourselves and onto others. On how others have helped us, on what we have, and how we can bless others by our words and actions. 

In the USA we just celebrated out Thanksgiving Day. For many of us that means gatherings of families. Enjoying a meal together and sometimes fun activities. Often it is a chance to go home after a long absence to catchup with family and friends. 

As I sat around the tables this holiday, I marveled at how blessed I am to have such wonderful groups of family and friends to have special days and events with. I hope you also had the chance to reflect on how grateful you are to have the ability to travel to see family, or provide for your family, or even just a roof over your head. 

I know I have worked hard to have the things I do, but I also know am blessed to have these things as well. I try very hard to not loose sight of the good things.  I am grateful to simply wake up every day with another chance to make a difference in my life and others.  

If these are not things that you have this holiday season, what steps can you do to make a change in your life for the better? What is the next tiny step you can take to move toward a better life?  It could be as simple as taking a walk, making sure to get enough sleep or water, or making a meditation practice part of your day so that you can start to experience that peace we all long for.  Even just making sure to think of one thing you are grateful is in your life will start to change the way you think about situations, and start to make a small step towards a peaceful life. 

As we enter holiday seasons we should look at them not just as an opportunity to be with family but also make sure that they know how much we appreciate and are grateful for them.

Every moment is a precious gift, and so are you!

Be well. 

We are grateful for you.