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We believe your life is a priceless gem. We want to help you live your happiest, most satisfying life and we do that by offering simple, effective and lasting solutions to the problems of unhappiness, sickness and mediocrity.

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Myths & Facts

The road to becoming happier and healthier starts by getting rid of false and misleading beliefs.

MYTH: Change can happen instantly or quickly

FACT: Sustainable change takes time.

MYTH: Stress, anxiety, poor sleep and lack of focus are separate entities, to be dealt with one at a time.

FACT: All forms of sub-optimal human experience are interrelated, and changing one helps the others……MORE

A Digital Sanctuary,

Your Self-Care Oasis and Mental Well-Being Escape.

Transform your well-being with expert-led live sessions in yoga, meditation, nutrition, and personal development.

  • Live Q&A with Expert Coaches

  • Guided, Unguided, and Sound Meditation for a Calmer Mind

  • Explore 500+ On-Demand Sessions to Fit Your Mood and Schedule.

  • Our quick meditations offer a fast track to calm, focus, and stress relief.

Your Complete Toolkit for Self-Discovery and Mental Well-Being.

"Luvo makes holistic wellness accessible and convenient. From live expert sessions to quick meditations and sleep analysis, transform your well-being from the comfort of your own home."

Download Luvo today and start living your best life.


Grant L

Great way to start the morning.
I was skeptical at first, but after learning the app I noticed that my mornings were much more Zen-filled and focused. I'd recommend it to a Freind in an instant.

Denise H

Not exactly what I thought this app was. But it is interesting anyway. I think I'll kept it and use it for a while. Thank you.

Kristin L

I am absolutely LOVING LUVO so far! What's not to love, it's teaching you to be healthier, to be the best you, you can be, and one should ever complain about this wonderful app! Thanks devs keep up the great work!

Clark J

The best free meditation app in playstore. I’ve been inconsistent in using the app but whenever I do, it works like a charm! The sleep meditation sessions are the best, in my opinion. This app is best for people who don’t want to put in too much effort and time to meditate but still want to do it. The interface is minimal with only the essential components and very easy to navigate. Cheers to the developers for making such a great app!!

FM Moore MD

Luvo has all I need and have time for in a busy retirement life. It helps to be walked through the app explaining uses.

Sarah A

An amazing application that helps you relax and makes your life better!! Thumbs up!

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