Myths & Facts

The road to becoming happier and healthier starts by getting rid of false and misleading beliefs. Fantasies are for children; only living in reality produces results. Let’s tackle the two biggest myths.

MYTH: Change can happen instantly or quickly

FACT: Sustainable change takes time.

Breaking bad habits and replacing them with new ones will not happen overnight. We are creatures of habit. As humans, we are also pleasure seekers. Our brains are wired to repeat habits that bring pleasure and avoid pain.

The solution is the “180-degree twist,” described at length in my book, “The Man with Zero Talent.” The method is simple: When we accept that there will be a temporary increase in pain and less pleasure at the start of any program, we can train ourselves to wait for and expect improved outcomes.

MYTH: Stress, anxiety, poor sleep and lack of focus are separate entities, to be dealt with one at a time.

FACT: All forms of sub-optimal human experience are interrelated, and changing one helps the others.

Reducing stress and improving performance go hand in hand! The mind and body are one entity. Making a change in either the mind or the body brings about change in the other. When you feel better, everything works better, so now is the time to get started on creating lasting and sustainable change.

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