Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

It is important to have something to look forward to in your life like a goal, a dream, or something challenging helps you to move forward.

It is said that when someone retires, the quickest way to fall into an ailment and pass from this life is to just stop doing anything.  All of a suddent there is no purpose.  After a whole life of getting up with a purpose and then to have none is a loss of all the habits we made to function well in this life.  Starting our day(week, month, year) with no intention, changes the way our brains run and we begin to feel useless and like there is no reason to go on.  And that is very true, there will feel like there is no purpose if we don’t give ourselves a purpose. We must wake up and find some way to make the world a little better, even if it just giving a smile to someone who needs it. 

There is an article about a 103-year-old woman’s two unusual secrets to longevity. She said, “If you want to live as long as me, then you have to do just two very simple things. First, eat a piece of dark chocolate every single day. Second, go to church every week. Those are the only things in my life that have remained constant for as long as I can remember.”

We don’t have to think about this for too long to be able to say that it’s not the benefit of dark chocolate or going to church that led to this woman’s long life.
Rather, the most important part of her advice was that she ate it every single day. This meant that she always had something that she was able to look forward to.

It seems like such a tiny habit, but it can truly make a remarkable difference in your life.  

It’s all about looking forward to something and continuing to move forward. If meditation is your internal compass, then goals are your external compass. They help you transform your state of mind by looking at a bigger picture with a different set of eyes and feeling different. 

When you are thinking of accomplishing something, you cannot think negatively.  You are moving forward with positivity and your heart and soul are on fire, poised to take the big leap.

The best part of these goals is when you get to look back and see all that you have accomplished. Reviewing past goals and observing progress or where you can learn and do better, is a wonderful gift.

What are your goals in life? Make them grand and strive for them a little bit every day!