Living in an Uncertain World

Uncertainties are an ever present part of life. The weight of all we have going on can be so heavy. 

There are so many things in our lives that are out of our control. Surprises and stressors pop up and the uncertainty can spiral us into extreme anxiety that is hard to navigate our way through. The unknown future of the “what-if’s” can be so overwhelming. 

The trick is to focus on what we do have control over. How we react to these uncertainties. Some of us may not think that we can control our thoughts and that we are a slave to what ever pops into our heads. 

But the truth is that it is habit or lack of effort of focus that prevents us from controlling the spiral.  Essentially in this case is it like our ability to control our thoughts has atrophied, like a muscle that hasn’t been used in months or years. Slow practice of focusing on positive actions to get us through the stresses will eventually help us deal with such things easily. 

Tony Robbins said, “Where your focus goes, energy flows.” This means that 

Stressed about a health condition? Instead of sitting at home worrying about the worst case scenario, figure out something that you enjoy and focus on that, whether it is going for a walk to get to be healthier and combat the diagnosis or some other task on the long list of recommendations that usually come with such things. 

Help others if you can; the quickest way to take our focus off of the troubles we have is by helping to reduce the troubles of others. 

Instead of worrying about that surprise bill in the mail, think of how you can come up with the extra money to pay for it. Not just what can you sacrifice or do without, but what can you actively do? Put in more hours at work? Take a couple hours of another part time job? Learn a new high value skill in your free time.  Develop a side-hustle like selling things on ebay that you don’t need anymore or items of hidden value found at thrift stores? 

The point of this all is that in order to move through the anxiety that can cripple us and and fear that makes us freeze in our tracks, we must move our focus from being directly centered on our problem to focusing on actions to change the negative into a positive or move our lives from a bad place to a good place. If we think about the path to good and use creativity to get us there, the motivation start to surface again in our lives. 

May you find the good and walk in the path to it.

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