Motivating your life

Ever notice that when we stop moving it is so very difficult to restart? The moment when we get home at the end of the day and we just want to take a few minutes to rest.

Getting up from that break to make dinner or to keep working or clean up or do a workout can be one of the hardest things to initiate. Somehow it seem to take more effort to restart something than to just start. Once we initiate that movement in the right direction, that is when the momentum catches.

Momentum and motivation go hand in hand. Motivation is not something that just appears. If we try to wait for motivation to get started, we will never start. The motivation appears when we start moving and start to see some progress.

The vision of the final result starts to starts to appear and then with the motivation and holding onto that vision of the end goal and motivation appears. Similarly, working out is not something most people really want to do.

Sure, we may like the idea of being in good shape but we often don’t really want to actually do the things to get there.

If we can just get over the hurdle of starting, the momentum of consistent action in the direction of our goals will most likely keep us going in that direction.

Keeping our mindset fixed on the future goals and positive actions will help keep us in this momentum.

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Journals can be good tools for keeping ourselves focused on our goals.

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