Planning your Life

Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

The average person these days is so distracted and on the go. We are always moving from one thing to the next with no break for important things that will refresh and revitalize us.

Essentially, many of us run on empty all day every day. This can look like not planning our days for success in life, career, or even enjoyable things like meals and proper rest.

We have allowed ourselves to live in a reactive environment instead of a proactive one. Quite often this is because of the distractions we allow in our lives.

What does reactive mean?  It means that we are dealing with things only as they arrive in our awareness. Something arrives that needs to be dealt with immediately so we must deal with it now

For example: I worked all day and am starving getting home from work. Well, I didn’t feel like going to the grocery store yesterday after work so there is no food for a meal in my home. Now instead of making a nice healthy meal, I must go out for food. At this point the choices are, go grocery shopping or to a restaurant. Either way it is another task that must be done, when all I want to do is relax after a long day. Most often the quickest solution is not the healthiest but we do it anyway because it is easy.

Reactive situations almost always put us on the defensive. We can’t think about or experience other things because this one thing is in the forefront of our minds. 

If we change this to be proactive and plan ahead, it sets us up for success. From the example: Had we planned ahead, we would have the fixings for, or even a complete meal ready when we get home.

Some people feel like this is just not doable for them. The truth is that choosing to be disciplined about the time we have and choices we make is possible and will change our future. 

In the game of Billiards, once someone gets to a point of developing strategy while playing, they start to plan steps ahead. When they hit a ball with the intent to sink it in a pocket, it will setup the next shot to sink another ball.

Small things like making that 10 minute grocery stop when we don’t feel like it, or washing that glass instead of leaving it on the coffeetable are a couple examples of things that will save time and effort for our future selves.

In this same way if we do the things we do and think ahead to the next thing or event, we can slowly get in the habit of planning our lives for success instead of only addressing things when they become problems.  

We don’t need to plan all our meals before the work week or fully schedule every minute of every day. Broad changes tend to not be sustainable. Making small changes to plan ahead will help our lives run more smoothly, which ends up creating a less stressful and less exhausting life. 

This pertains to so much more of life than just the food in our kitchen. It also applies to our fitness, sleep schedules, work, fun, and mindset/thought patterns.

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