Recovery and Rest

Our pursuit of excellence in life and career, it can often seem like relentless and continuous hard work is the best way forward. The stresses coming at us can seem insurmountable, so we work harder and longer to attain what we desire. 

We may believe that the key to success lies in pushing ourselves to the limit of our energy day in and day out. However, recent studies have shown to not be the correct way to think about striving for success

Mental and physical rest and recovery play a vital role in achieving and sustaining the peak performance that leads to success.

Choosing to step away from work on a regular basis may seem counterproductive but our brains need rest just like our other muscles. We wouldn’t do bicep curls for 3 hours and expect to continue for another 5 hours. The same goes for our brains. We need to allow our brains to recover & reset in order to get even more out of them. 

Studies have shown that doing something that will help us relax and clear our heads, yet is not too stimulating, is best for recovery from mental exertion. This recovery action could be going for a walk, listening to soothing music like the relaxing music section of the LUVO app, or reading a book.  For the best results it is important to not choose an activity that will be overly stimulating like scrolling social media or watching a show that is too exciting for our brains to recover properly.

The point is to not stimulate our brains and facilitate the brain’s cessation of work. It is extremely difficult for many of us to do this. Especially in these days when there are so many distractions, it is vital for our health that we learn how to help our own brains reset themselves. 

Choosing to take a break is not a sign of weakness or laziness. Having a proper rest and recovery routine is an essential component of any successful performance journey, whether it’s in sports, work, or any other endeavor. 

When we do strenuous physical activities or intense mental work, our bodies and minds experience wear and tear. Many of us are aware that in order to build muscles, the action of using them to their limit causes small microtears which triggers our bodies to send healing cells and nutrients directly to those places, which allow them to grow larger and stronger. This happens when we rest after a workout.   The same system that allows our muscles to repair and rebuild tissue is the same system that builds neural connections in the brain. Adequate sleep, in particular, is essential for this process, as it enables the release of growth hormone, facilitating physical and mental recovery.

If we choose not to rest, our mental exertion can lead to burnout, reduced cognitive function, and decreased creativity. Taking breaks, practicing mindfulness, and getting quality sleep all contribute to rejuvenation of our minds, allowing for clearer thinking and thus better decision-making. And we should all be able to agree that better decision making helps us in all aspects of our lives, our relationships, and our careers.

Be well and remember to get good rest.

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