Thoughts matter

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

That which we repeat, and that which we learn and experience, determines how we think and perceive everything around us.

Our thoughts have the power to change us. To reach our full potential, we must first get a firm grip on our thoughts. Just a single thought of happiness & joy can cause a surge to occur in our brains, releasing an increased electrical current and different neurochemicals. As such, that which we are thinking and practicing in our minds matters.

If we are paying full attention to what we are thinking, then we are firing the same set of neurons in the brain. 

A study was conducted involving three groups, each one practicing a particular sequence on a piano. 

The first group practiced that particular sequence for thirty minutes a day for five days in a row. 

The second group only observed the first group practicing until that second group knew the piece by memory in their minds. 

The third group played the piano without any instruction as to any particular sequence. 

The results of the study indicated that the third group had formed no new neural connections. This demonstrated that playing a random sequence over a period of time, with no repetition, was of no help in changing the brain.  However — and this was the intriguing part of the study — the first and second groups had developed the same number of new neural connections in the same specific area of the brain, despite the second group not touching the piano at all.

The scientists concluded that mentally rehearsing in one’s mind can lead to just as many new neural connections as actually practicing a physical act!  Many studies in the sports fields have concluded the same.

​​We can surmise from these observations that what a person thinks about and rehearses does indeed make a difference.

When contemplating the thoughts running over in your mind, over and over, are they positive thoughts or are they worry-filled thoughts?

Worrying about something only tortures us twice if a thing happens(usually unlikely) or it worries us needlessly if the thing does not happen.

Focus on positive thoughts & plans for our future will reap better things in our lives than negative.