Yoga Counseling / Holistic Therapy For A Positive Life

Yoga Counseling provides a unique, one-on-one opportunity to explore the ways in which the teachings  of Yoga philosophy can help you shift unconscious patterns and experience greater happiness in all avenues of life. 

Sessions generally begin with learning to identify primary areas of challenge – whether at work, with family, or in personal relationships.  By becoming more conscious of our particular patterns and the issues that trigger them, we become better at noticing challenges as they arise.  This allows us to redirect our thoughts and actions in a more constructive way and ultimately enjoy greater peace — even amidst the natural challenges of daily life. 

Along with identifying primary issues, we also learn to see the unconscious assumptions behind them.  By becoming aware of the limited or false beliefs that fuel our unconscious patterns, we build the ability to shift our actions.  We also build the capacity to see the mental patterns that create emotional tension and dis-ease and lead to choices that don’t serve us.  Through greater self-understanding, we can shift not only how we act but how we feel, experiencing greater peace in all circumstances.

As an integral part of this, we explore the various techniques of Yoga that we can use to increase both awareness and ease, including mantra, meditation, pranayama, self-study, and asana.  These tools can help reduce stress and improve mindfulness, helping us maintain peace and presence while dealing with the challenges of daily life.  By finding the specific practices that fit us, we develop a simple but reliable set of techniques that can help us navigate even the most challenging moments from a place of peace, presence, and openness.

Whom Can Yoga Therapy Help?

Yoga therapy can be helpful in the treatment of mental & physical health conditions such as :

  • Anxiety and panic disorders, 
  • Stress & Depression,
  • Insomnia, 
  • Phobias, 
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder, 
  • Divorce / Separation,
  • and More…

Benefits of Yoga Therapy :

  • Holistic mind-body focus.
  • Physical & Mental health benefits.
  • No side effects.
  • Alternative form of therapy.

How does this work?

First we setup a Free interactive session with the Yoga counselor who evaluates your profile and tries to identify how they can support you. Based on what you wish to achieve the counselor gets back with a plan that can help you to overcome the problem. 

Cost : 

Luvo Meditation believes that support should be affordable, so we charge on a sliding scale of $30-50 per session. Clients are welcome to choose the price based on their budget, so they receive the holistic care that they deserve.

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