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Getting through Anxiety

October 15, 20231 min read

Dealing with anxiety can be one of the most challenging and overwhelming personal experiences we can go through. 

It so often drains our motivation to create let alone pursue our goals and even makes it difficult to engage in daily activities.  It can create a sense of apprehension, making tasks appear more daunting than they actually are.

Anxiety tends to be associated with lower levels of intrinsic motivation. When we have anxiety we may experience a decrease in enjoyment, interest, and engaging in activities.  It is important to recognize the need for effective strategies to overcome the motivational challenges posed by anxiety.

One approach is cultivating self-compassion. It seems that individuals who show self-compassion during moments of anxiety tend to experience increased motivation. Self-compassion involves treating oneself with kindness and understanding.  It is also acknowledging that setbacks and struggles are a natural part of the human experience and not beating ourselves up for experiencing them. 

By practicing self-compassion, individuals can create a supportive internal environment that encourages motivation and resilience. Some recent studies examine the efficacy of cognitive restructuring techniques in managing anxiety and enhancing motivation. 

Cognitive restructuring is identifying and challenging negative thought patterns, and then replacing them with more positive and realistic ones.  By recognizing and reframing anxiety-inducing thoughts, we can reduce their impact on our motivation. 

This approach empowers us to reevaluate the potential outcomes of tasks and foster a more positive mindset, therefore increasing our motivation to take action. And that action will get us to the next step in our wellness journey and help us not be consumed by stress and anxiety.

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