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Living Life on Purpose

July 27, 20232 min read

Life happens so fast. Sometimes we get caught up in it and forget to stop and breathe. 

One day flows into the next and we don’t realize that years have gone by without us making any definitive choices on what we really want out of life. 

When that day comes, and maybe this article is the catalyst to that day, it is important to really look into our hearts and thinks about what we really want for ourselves. 

This is how we choose our lives. When we chose we grab the reigns of our current reality and start to live with intent. We can regain control, refine our purpose, and feel a sense of empowerment. 

Living with intent means making conscious choices, aligning our daily and weekly actions with our goals, & embracing a mindful approach to moving forward. 

But how do we choose our goals?  

Living with intent begins with gaining clarity about what really matters to us. 

We must find the true north of our hearts. What brings you joy and fulfillment? What will make us come alive if we were to achieve it? What legacy do we want to leave behind?

Taking the time to reflect on our values and aspirations and remembering what we always dreamed of growing up can help steer us in the right direction.  

By clarifying our vision, we can create a roadmap that will guide our choices and actions, enabling us to live in alignment with our deepest desires. 

This will let us set proper goals to aim for. 

These goals then provide direction and ongoing purpose in our lives. We can set markers on the path to achieving these goals that align with our vision.

These milestones help us see our progress and help us see the autonomy we have in our lives even when it feels like things are out of control sometimes.  Setting and successfully reaching milestones towards goals can inspire us on to bigger and better things in our lives.

Our hope is that you have a true vision of all the possibilities that life can bring and fill your life with all the good things!




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