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September 18, 20232 min read

We all have times when we feel like there are too many things to do.  Maybe we have a lot of work on our plate, or maybe we’re just stressed about life or the world in general. When we feel overwhelmed, it can be hard to focus on anything. Often our brains just stall.  In most of our daily lives, it’s important to be able to focus, especially when we have a lot to do. 

Taking a break can help. When working on projects, it’s important to consciously take breaks. Step away from whatever the project is. Recent studies in the field of productivity and workflow highlight the importance of rest and recovery in order to improve productivity. Choose something restorative but easy, breath meditation, or taking a walk, or doing a simple yoga routine are good activities to encourage rest and recovery of the mind to restore our cognitive functions

Once we’ve given ourselves the chance to recover we should return to the task. Instead of jumping back in, we should make a list, or return to and review one we have made already.  Make sure you reorder the list in order of priority. This will help break down the tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks.  Start with the most important tasks(or the one you dread the most) and do that. Do the next thing if you can, and don’t think about what’s after it.  Eventually you will work your way down the list. But if you can only do one thing today, you can count the day as a success. You’ve moved one step closer to your goal, whether it’s a project completion, new job, a clean house, or whatever your ultimate goal is.

We are often driven by rewards in life.

We work a job=we get a paycheck; we create something to sell=we earn money to buy food and clothes; we build a house=we have shelter from the elements, etc. Cause and effect.  When we complete a task, we should reward ourselves, even if it’s small. This will help our brains stay motivated and keep driving towards working on our goals.

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